Studio II

ARCS 2105 Second Year Design Studio

Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism, Carleton University

Studio II builds upon the architectural reflections brought forth through the investigations and speculations discovered in Studio I. As both a creative and functional discipline, architecture resolves and mediates the conflicts that emerge from our practical requirements and imaginative needs. By investigating and comprehending the materials, methods, techniques, and tools available for conceptual constructions and interpretive representations, we attempt to grasp the trans-formative nature of architecture. Through observation, analysis, and creative interpretation, students are encouraged to develop architecturally rich ideas and strategies that offer the potential to go beyond merely providing efficient and/or adequate shelter for human inhabitation.


Emphasis is placed on understanding and appreciating how conceptual themes can be embodied and conveyed through the language of architecture. The imaginative investigation, interpretation and eventual transformation culminate in a re-thinking of the architectural idea derived from the case-study house, and its re-interpretation as a proposal for an addition or adaptative reuse of the house. Many of my students’ projects can be viewed at