Knit Installation


Installation at Carleton University, February 2007

Can fibres combine to make a three-dimensional screen that both conceals and reveals while it partitions and projects? Can the screen begin to challenge some of our biases concerning materials and technology? Why do we think of knitting as slow, old-fashioned (even granny-ish), domestic, and soft? Why do we tend to think of steel as modern, industrial, and hard? Can ‘hard’ steel wire be used to make something ‘soft’? The architectural element is conceived as a translucent, knitted steel screen. Irregular coils of wire form as each loop is interlaced to create a structural field/fabric of details/gestures in which the stories/tracks of making are recorded. During the process of knitting, only a partial sense of what the whole can become is visibly present. Opacity of the screen varies according to ambient light conditions. The finished work is revealed in light. You can view more images and read about my process at this project’s blog.